Artist.  Technician.  Manager.



Ross Headley hails from the mid-west where he received his B.A. in Communication from the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.  He also is a graduate of Chapman University in Orange, California where he earned his M.F.A. in Film Production with an emphasis in cinematography.


Ross has over 18 years of professional experience in all levels of film and video production; everything from corporate videos to Hollywood features.  Professionally trained as a cinematographer Ross takes great pride in his ability to create beautiful images in the most efficient way possible.  By using his wide range of skills and experiences, Ross is capable of handling any project that comes his way.  His love for visual storytelling fuels his desire to continue to learn and master his craft.


Ross currently  lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin with his wife Erin and three children Byron, Ellowyn and Cedric.  When he is not making films, he has been known to frighten students with his passion for cinematography as an adjunct instructor at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in Green Bay.



Camera Operator


Director of Photography

Visual Design Manager



Experience with all kinds of productions.  One-man-bands or massive crews; totally comfortable on any set or location.  Collaboration and communication is key.


Put the finishing touches on a brand.  Maximize and sell a product or service.  Hit a home run with a target audience.




Educate and inform on any specific topic with a detailed video.  Capture invaluable moments with customers, employees, and processes.




Tell a story.  Entertain and inspire an audience with powerful visuals.  Create a visual design/look that is consistent and fluid with the story.  Collaborate with the director to achieve the overall vision.



Capture the event.  Tell an honest real life story.  Work with people to capture them at their best.




Whatever it is it can be done.  The industry is ever changing.  Being open  to any and all ideas is where creativity is born.  The medium is the message.



ROSS HEADLEY cinematographer

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p. 614-216-8873

e. ross@headleyproductions.com





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